Table 42 Studio, located in Budapest, is a podcast production facility that provides a comprehensive range of services to enhance both public and private podcasting experiences. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technology, we offer options for remote podcast production and the ability to host and manage private RSS feeds, catering to global clients from our creative space. Whether you're looking to produce engaging public podcasts or secure private episodes for your organization, Table 42 Studio, in partnership with, delivers expert solutions tailored to your needs. Learn more about our services and join our Affiliate Program to start leveraging your podcast potential with us.

Discover Table 42 Studio: Your Creative Space for Podcasting in Budapest

Welcome to Table 42 Studio, perfectly situated in the tranquil second district of Budapest. Our studio is meticulously designed for creators looking for a professional and quiet environment to produce top-quality podcasts and video content. The space is ideally configured for two participants, offering a tranquil setting that includes an optional seat for our in-house producer to join the conversation if needed.Our facility boasts state-of-the-art recording and filming equipment. You can expect crystal-clear audio and high-definition video from our setup, which includes three strategically placed camera angles to capture every moment from the best perspectives. The studio atmosphere is deliberately relaxed, fostering a creative and comfortable environment for all types of media production.For those who need to customize their visual backdrop, our studio features a versatile green screen. This allows for the use of various backgrounds, whether for branding purposes or to feature still or animated images, or even a looping video background. The lighting in the studio is meticulously managed to ensure it complements your video content perfectly.When the focus is solely on audio, we are equipped to enhance the experience with additional microphones, making it ideal for clear and dynamic audio presentations.We understand the importance of efficiency in content creation, which is why we offer a rapid turnaround of uncut content, typically within 24 hours. For those seeking a more polished final product, our editing services include professional edits such as intros and outros, complete with licensed music to refine your production further.At Table 42 Studio, we are dedicated to supporting your creative endeavors. With our comprehensive facilities and the expertise of our in-house producer, your podcast or video project is in capable hands. Visit us and elevate your creative projects to new heights.


Remote Podcast Production Services

At Table 42 Studio, we specialize in remote podcast production, bringing high-quality podcasting services to you, wherever you are in the world. Whether you're broadcasting from the comfort of your home or office, or connecting with audiences across the globe, our expert production team makes it seamless and professional.Worldwide AccessibilityYou no longer need to be tied to a studio to create professional podcasts. Our technology and expertise allow us to produce top-tier content for individuals and companies anywhere on the planet. From the U.S. to Costa Rica, from Brazil to beyond, our reach is as boundless as your audience.Full-Service ProductionWe handle every aspect of podcast production:Intros and Outros: Customized openings and closings to frame your podcast perfectly.Sound Checks: Ensuring audio quality is pristine for every recording.Consultations: Providing guidance to enhance the interactions between hosts and guests.Content Support: Whether it’s incorporating videos, presentations, or facilitating live chats, we provide all the necessary tools to enrich your podcast’s content.Expertise in Both Audio and VisualsOur capability extends beyond audio. For podcasts that include video components or are streamed live, we ensure a broadcast-quality production. Every element, from sound to visuals, is crafted with precision, making your podcast indistinguishable from professional television productions.Streamlined Process for Live and Pre-Recorded ContentWhether you're looking to livestream your podcast or record for future distribution, our process is tailored to meet your needs. We streamline production so that you can focus on delivering content that engages and resonates with your audience.At Table 42 Studio, we’re committed to transforming your podcasting ideas into reality, no matter where you are. Connect with us to take your podcast to a global stage without ever leaving your preferred location. Let's create something remarkable together.


Private Podcasting Services at Table 42 Studio

Exclusive Content for Your OrganizationDid you know that podcasts can be private, intended solely for your business or organization? At Table 42 Studio, part of, we specialize in creating private podcasts that are accessible only to specific members of your organization. This exclusive content allows you to communicate and engage with your team or clients in a uniquely personal and secure manner.Tailored Access ControlWith our private RSS feed service, you can ensure that only designated individuals have access to your podcast episodes. This means that your content remains confidential and exclusive to your organization. Listeners can easily download and listen to these podcasts on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, which they are already familiar with, ensuring a seamless user experience.Easy Management of Listener AccessManaging who can access your podcast is straightforward with our service. You have complete control over the listener list, and can grant or revoke access as needed by simply adding or removing email addresses from the platform. This level of control is ideal for maintaining the privacy and exclusivity of your communications.Get in TouchIf you're interested in setting up a private podcast for your organization, or if you require more information about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you tailor your podcasting needs to the specific requirements of your business or organization. Thank you for considering Table 42 Studio for your private podcasting needs.


Beyond Production: Your Podcast's Journey to Success

At Table 42 Studio, we understand that creating a podcast is just the beginning. Our comprehensive approach ensures you not only produce a podcast but also maximize its potential as a thriving business. Here’s how we help you extend your reach and impact, transforming your passion into a profitable venture.Comprehensive Hosting and DistributionOnce your podcast is produced, the next crucial step is effective distribution. We host your podcast and distribute it across all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. This wide-reaching distribution ensures your content is accessible where your audience listens.Transcription ServicesTo enhance accessibility and SEO, we provide transcription services for every episode. This allows listeners to enjoy your content in multiple formats and helps your podcast be discovered more easily online.In-Depth AnalyticsUnderstanding your audience is key to growing your podcast. We offer detailed analytics that provide insights into who your listeners are, how they interact with your content, and where they come from. This data is invaluable for tailoring your content and marketing strategies effectively.Monetization and SponsorshipTurning your podcast into a business requires a clear monetization strategy. We guide you through the process of finding and securing sponsorships that align with your brand and audience. Whether you’re targeting local businesses in your city or aiming for sponsors at a national or international level, our insights help you position your podcast attractively to potential sponsors.From Hobby to BusinessWhether you see podcasting as a hobby or aim to build a business, our partnership with Budapest FM provides the resources and expertise to scale your project. By focusing on strategic growth areas, we assist you in navigating the podcasting industry not just to participate but to dominate.At Table 42 Studio, we equip you with the tools and knowledge to transform your podcast from a simple passion project into a robust business. Let’s make your voice heard far and wide, turning your podcasting dreams into reality. Elevating Podcasts Across Borders

As a central part of the network, we at Table 42 Studio are proud to align with a leader in digital broadcasting throughout Central Europe. Our collaboration with enhances our capabilities, allowing us to deliver high-quality, diverse content to audiences around the globe.Who They goes beyond being a conventional podcast channel. It is a vibrant community of innovative thinkers, storytellers, and technology enthusiasts committed to revolutionizing podcasting. The network features a diverse range of podcasts, including educational series, business insights, entertainment, and cultural explorations, which reflect the depth and diversity of voices within the community.Their is dedicated to empowering podcasters by providing advanced tools, platforms, and support needed to create compelling content. They invest in the latest technology and recruit top talent to ensure that all podcasts produced under their banner meet the highest standards of quality and creativity.What They is synonymous with production excellence. Their use of advanced audio and video technology, professional editing suites, and dynamic distribution networks sets them apart. They also nurture a supportive community for podcasters, enhancing creative collaboration and audience engagement through network events and workshops. Their strategic approach to distribution and marketing guarantees that podcasts reach listeners worldwide, making a profound impact.Join the Movement:Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, offers the resources and community support to elevate your podcasting projects. We invite you to join this network, where quality, creativity, and collaboration are at the forefront of every initiative.Discover more about, their programs, and how you can be part of this exciting journey in podcasting. Together with, we at Table 42 Studio are setting new standards in the podcasting world.


Our Producer: Ray Brown

At Table 42 Studio, we believe that the right producer can transform a good podcast into a phenomenal one. This is why we are proud to have Ray Brown, a seasoned producer with an illustrious background in audiovisual production, at the helm.Ray isn't just any producer; he brings a wealth of international experience to the table. With a dynamic career that spans producing TV commercials across Europe to orchestrating reality TV shows in the US, Ray understands the nuances of engaging audiences on any platform. His expertise isn't limited to visuals — his substantial work in television, music, and radio has equipped him with a unique perspective on storytelling and audience engagement.Working with Ray means access to not just state-of-the-art podcast production, but also insights from the wider world of entertainment. His approach ensures that your podcast doesn’t just reach listeners; it captivates them. Under his guidance, podcasts are crafted to be larger than life, designed to break boundaries and go international, becoming multi-dimensional experiences that resonate widely.Here at Table 42 Studio, under the leadership of Ray Brown, founder of and this studio, your podcasting journey is poised for greatness. Whether you're aiming to enlighten, educate, or entertain, Ray’s unparalleled expertise transforms your vision into reality, making every episode a masterpiece of its own.Instagram: @California.Ray


Equipment List

- Shure SM7B (4)
- PreSonus PD-70
- Rode VideoMicro
- Rode VideoMic Pro
- Shure SM58
- Apogee Mic+
- Rode Wireless Me (2 sets)
- Rode RODELink
- Tascam DR-10L
- Canon EOS M50 MK II (2)
- Canon EOS M200
- Logitech Brio
- Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch
- Autel EVO nano+
- beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (5)
- Nanlite Compac 100 (2)
- Jackal Photo Tools Circular Light
- ATEM Mini Pro
- Stream Deck
- Stream Deck Mini
- Feelworld Ultra-Bright
- LG 24MK600M
Green Screen
- Manfrotto Chroma Key FX
- DJI Osmo Mobile 6


Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program and Turn Your Podcast Passion into ProfitAt Table 42 Studio, we empower podcasters, professional hosts, and venues to expand their reach and monetize their services. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster with your own gear, a charismatic host, or a venue owner, we have opportunities tailored just for you. Explore how you can collaborate with us and become part of a growing podcasting community.For Podcasters with Gear
Become a Mobile Podcast Producer
Do you own a Rodecaster Pro, have multiple microphones, and other professional podcasting equipment? Become an affiliate of Table 42 Studio! As a mobile podcast producer, you can take on assignments to set up and produce shows at various locations. Our program offers you the chance to connect with clients in your area who need podcast production services. Choose whether you want to simply produce the show technically or also host it if required. This is your opportunity to earn on the go using the equipment you already own and love.For Professional Hosts
Host and Enhance Podcasts Anywhere
Are you a dynamic speaker capable of engaging with diverse topics? Our network needs hosts like you to bring podcasts to life. Joining our team allows you to pair with podcasters who need a professional host to help steer their conversations, expanding your network as you work across various genres and meet new people in your podcasting journey. This role is an excellent chance to enhance your hosting portfolio while earning competitively.For Venues
Turn Your Space into a Podcast Hub
Own a coffee shop, co-working space, or a venue with good foot traffic? Partner with Table 42 Studio to provide a unique service to your patrons. Become a venue affiliate and enjoy several benefits. We handle all technical aspects, so you don’t have to invest in or manage any equipment. Hosting podcasts can significantly increase your venue’s visibility and attract a diverse audience. Furthermore, you’ll earn additional revenue by offering your space for podcast recordings and events.Join Us Today!Ready to dive into the world of podcasting with Table 42 Studio? Sign up now or contact us for more details on how you can get involved and start earning. Let’s create amazing podcast experiences together!


Location (Montage)

The Montage is located in Budapest, District II, at Margit körút 8. Here is a detailed guide to the route leading to Montage.Location Overview:
Montage is situated in District II of Budapest, on Margit Boulevard, beside the Danube River. It is close to Margit Bridge and the Mammut shopping center.
Public Transportation:
You can reach Montage using tram lines 4, 6, or 17. Trams 4 and 6 stop at the "Margit híd, Buda" station, while tram 17 stops directly on Margit Boulevard.
If you are arriving by car, you can park on Keleti Károly street near Mechwart Park, which crosses Margit Boulevard. This parking spot is a short walk from Montage.


Location (Bern Art)

Margit krt. 35 is located in Budapest, District 2, along the major thoroughfare of Margit körút (Margaret Boulevard), which encircles part of the Buda side of the city near the Danube River. This address is close to key landmarks such as Margaret Bridge, Mechwart Liget, and Mammut Shopping Center, and is easily accessible by various modes of transportation including trams 4, 6, 17.Parking can be found on Keleti Karoly Utca (at Mechwart Liget), a cross street of Margit Körút.